​​​​​​​​​​Hey guys! Welcome to my virtual home.  If you like to hear about contests, free or discounted books, please join my newsletter.  I'm excited to share a few things.  First is the pride I have to be writing for Tirgearr Publishing in Ireland.  As hard as I work to plot and write the Donahue Cousins Novels, I owe the finished qualities to publishers Kemberlee and Peter Shortland, editor Sharon Pickrel.  All are talented writers. The amazing cover artist assigned to this series is Elle J. Rossi. 

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Unholy Alliance, Book #2 in the Donahue Cousins series is available for the 0.99 pre-order discount.  The release date for this high octane, sizzling romantic suspense is March 29th from Tirgearr Publishing. It’s spring when Tori Rourke is released from prison, but it is a false spring.  Framed by the Irish mob for a murder she didn’t commit, she begins hunting down her missing cousin’s kidnapper.  Her attorney, Grady Fletcher, fears her past stalks her and will destroy a life she was never meant to have.  What to do about their budding love is another matter. 

If you enjoyed Deadly Alliance, Book #1 in the series, Finn and Amy appear as secondary characters. 


The third book, Bittersweet Alliance is my work-in-progress. I am attempting One Night in Havana for erotic romance series, Tirgearr's City Nights.

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