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I'm excited to share a little a few things.  Deadly Alliance is available from Tirgearr Publishing.  Click and Enter my contest at Coffee Time Romance "Book Brew"! Learn about the triple winners and prizes.  I find contests are a great

way to connect with readers.  

Finbar Donahue, former Army Ranger, walked on the wild side in Iraq, but now he lives in the shadows.  After his evasive partner, Les, was shot in a random drive-by, Finn discovers cash siphoned monthly.  He fights to keep his investment company afloat.  When his late partner's girlfriend, Amy Kintyre, applies for his bookkeeping job, Finn suspects she knows about his company drain and hires her.  Amy needs a nine-to-five with free evenings and weekends to get her fashion design business back on track.  She unearths Les's secret bank account and alerts Finn.   Freezing the money laundering account sets off havoc within an Irish gang.  Amy witnesses a gang fight between the Irish and a brutal ISIS fundraising organization.  Desperate to escape a stalker's crosshairs, she seeks refuge with Finn.  Get ready for sizzling attraction and an adrenalin rush when she's offered up by Les, alive and well, serving as a deal-maker between gangs.  Finn treks across the San Bernardino mountains and faces a sword fight with the ISIS leader on domestic soil.  If he gets there in time to save Amy, can he trust her?

Intervenus series book one, A Brand New Address, placed second in the Best Book Buyers contest.  This award showcases shining excellence of published books from 2014. The BBB judges are book buyers, librarians, and romance book club readers.  Book two, Betrayal at Crater's Edge, follows the action in my Intervenus series for teens. 

Deeds of Deceit, released by Eternal Press, was a top pick in the mystery category from Midwest Reviews.  Circled by the bloodthirsty and untrusting, you learn to appreciate the few allies you have. "Deeds of Deceit" is a novel following heiress Baylis Jones, as she finds herself cornered by a cult that had killed her parents fifteen years before. With her own community turning away from her, it's up to her and the Sheriff who doesn't believe the accusations against her to dodge those who want to end her life and find something that resembles justice. "Deeds of Deceit" is an excellent addition to any thriller assortment.