One Night in Havana-- A New York marine biologist competes for a grant against the Cuban college professor who has won many in the past. He's a freelancer for the Havana Port Authority and knows the drug business runs rampant on her cruise ship. For her safety, he must keep her close. If he wins, will she kiss him goodbye?

Unholy Alliance-- He's the good-guy lawyer. Did I say never? She's his former client, innocent of a crime she didn't commit. The mobster who framed her is on the verge of becoming infamous again. New she's in danger, and he turns sexy-hot and oh so protective. She searches for her missing cousin and is in for a shock. 

​One Night in Havana

​Deadly Alliance

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Romantic Suspense

​Unholy Alliance

   Bittersweet Alliance

Deadly Alliance-- An ex-military CEO once walked on the wild side but now lives in the shadows searching for a thief. He hires the girlfriend of his late partner thinking she knows something. She witnesses a gang fight between terrorist recruits and local thugs. Caught in their crosshairs, she seeks refuge with her boss. Sparks fly hot.