Welcome to my virtual home.  I'm excited to share a little about my work-in-progress, DEADLY ALLIANCE, a spicy romantic suspense.  FINBAR DONAHUE, a shell of the man he used to be, is tasked with finding the embezzler who siphons money from his brokerage firm.  Fin suspects his late partner, Les, had something to do with the drain.  Strange things lie under a pretty face, and Fin doesn't trust  Les' former girlfriend motives for bringing him a file of information.  He makes that choice and together, Fin and Amy discover the drain is a small part of a gang's money laundering scheme. 
AMY KINTYRE, caretaker of her ex-boyfriend prior to his death from a random drive-by shooting, is compelled to care.  Fin believes she cares about the wrong people.  When she runs into a trap, she calls Fin.  He falls for the bait.  Now that the terrifying truth about Les' crimes are revealed, can they escape with their lives?


Released earlier this year,  A BRAND NEW ADDRESS, the first book of my INTERVENUS series for teens and New Adults has garnished top reviews and hit Amazon's top ten in the futuristic IR sweet romantic suspense category.  It's been fun connecting with readers at Lady Jane's Salon Orange County where I read passages and answered questions about the book.  At book signings I learned not all readers are teens.  Young love and adventure is popular for all ages. 
Hero MARCHAND LAFOND is always on-mission.  YARDLEY VAN DYKE has no mission now that her dad's fiancé, Pinky dearest, sold the family's greenhouse along with her identity. She wishes she had his recognition and fame.

Taking place during 22nd Century Earth's second ice age, A BRAND NEW ADDRESS follows childhood friends, Yardley Van Dyke and Marchand LaFond, who trick and tease each other.  Tough protector Marchand sails his ice-boat across the frozen tundra to deliver fuel and food to the needy.  She's a subsistence gardener who gives away meals.  Just when their attraction sizzles, he enters a space race to Venus.   

Eighteen-year-old Yardley promised her dying mother she'd care for the family by growing food in their greenhouse.  Clashing with her dad's fiancé puts her on the outs at home.  After winning a prize for an intergalactic garden project, she wants to prove her prototype works on Venus.

Groomed for the mission, Marchand calls the shots and can't allow emotions to get in the way of the mission.  Maneuvering through sun spikes and space junk is dangerous. Evil competitor Vito Savage plans to annihilate competing shuttles.  If she goes, can she tolerate his brazen exterior? Will Venus be their new address where they can fulfil their dreams?

DEEDS OF DECEIT is a novella (spicy for adults only) available from Eternal Press.  A half tank up the mountains from Los Angeles, Big Bear winters are isolating for headstrong heiress Bayliss Jones. Circled by the same cult that murdered her parents fifteen years before, death awaits her around every corner. Her shirttail relative and trustee of her estate, Byron, never agreed with local hearsay that made her a suspect. He knew this day would come.  Reviewer Antya Lentes of Paper Dragon Ink wrote,  "DEEDS OF DECEIT is enthralling, engulfing and also spicy.  Kathleen Rowland sent Bayliss Jones on an elevator ride into the nethermost region of her mind and cut the cables. DEEDS OF DECEIT is a murder mystery but also a mystery of the heart.  I hope the obsessive love between Bayliss and Byron gets under your skin and stays there."

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