Welcome to my virtual home away from home!  Please browse around.  I'm excited to share a few things.  FALLEN EVERMORE is now released.  Coming soon, Book Two of my Welcome to the Lake series, WHERE MALICE HIDES followers cult thriller, DEEDS OF DECEIT.

is a novella available from Eternal Press.  A half tank up the mountains from Los Angeles, Big Bear winters are isolating for headstrong heiress Bayliss Jones. Circled by the same cult that murdered her parents fifteen years before, death awaits her around every corner. Her shirttail relative and trustee of her estate, Byron, never agreed with local hearsay that made her a suspect. He knew this day would come.  Reviewer Antya Lentes of Paper Dragon Ink wrote,  "DEEDS OF DECEIT is enthralling, engulfing and also spicy.  Kathleen Rowland sent Bayliss Jones on an elevator ride into the nethermost region of her mind and cut the cables. DEEDS OF DECEIT is a murder mystery but also a mystery of the heart.  I hope the obsessive love between Bayliss and Byron gets under your skin and stays there."       Please click the DEEDS OF DECEIT book cover on right for more information -->


Fallen Evermore book coverFull length novel, FALLEN EVERMORE, is available through Amazon and Smashwords.  Filipina criminal attorney Sophia Mercola makes a name for herself by saving petty thieves from trips to the Big House.  When a madman leaves victims not quite dead along the beach, her good intentions work against her. Witch hunters believe she knows who's behind the freaky cruelties.  Tough and dedicated to keeping his daughter and everyone in town safe, Mayor Cordell Smith must protect the outspoken attorney.  Acquainted with everlasting life, secret immortal Cord fears exploitation of its source, kept under wraps for a hundred and fifty years.  As Sophia and Cord piece together clues, they fall for each other until he resents her slick lawyer tactics.  When his ex-wife, accused of Munchausen by Proxy against her son from her second marriage, becomes a client, Sophia plays into her twisted mind.  Cord's fearless exterior shatters when he's accused as the last person to talk with a victim and  his daughter digs up her past.  With daughter Kerrigan at risk, Sophia sacrifices herself.  Will she uncover the chilling legacy in time? 


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