Allow your POV characters to rant.  Spill your creative juices.  Splatter them across the page and let them drip with passion. What do they hate most about themselves or about their circumstances? Keep a rant concise, but a bit edgy gives your writing variety.

Second to writing a good story, mastering point of view (POV) is a challenge for most writers.  You may already know editors for romance prefer manuscripts written in past tense with two points of view in third person-- one from the heroine and and the other from the hero.  For romantic suspense, the villain's point of view is required.  

Workshops -- sharing what I've learned

For each character, put a "video camera" on your head.  My simple method works.  Point of View will be available in audio this summer.   Coming soon,second how-to-write guide is in the works, Writing Dialogue for Romance, and tips from it will be included at talks scheduled at RWA chapters.